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Where is Otniel located?

On the southern hills of Chevron, Otniel constitutes a meeting point between the dessert and the hills.

Otniel the Yishuv is located on highway 60, between Be’er Sheva and Kiryat Arba, midway across the central mountain. Yishuvim surrounding Otniel are Beit Chaggai, to the north and to the south Shimah and Eshtamoah.

The surrounding landscape is filled by many olive gardens, wheat fields, flocks of sheep and plenty of springs of water. It lies adjacent to Chevron stream which flows to the Mediterranean.


From Yerushalayim: Drive south through the tunnels of highway 60 and Giloh. After passing Kiryat Arba there will be a right turn towards Otniel and Beit Chaggai. You will pass an army base titled “Chativat Yehuda”. After passing Beit Chaggai you will turn left at a roundabout, and in about 10 minutes you will start to see the Yeshiva Building ahead on your left. Turn left up to the Yishuv and the Yeshiva will be the first building on your right.

From Be’er Sheva: Drive from Be’er Sheva towards Meitar through Shoket junction. Continue about 20 Km (or 12.4 miles) north on 60, past the turn to Teneh Omarim, the turn east to Susiah and Yatir, and the turn to Shimah and Eshtamoa.  You will continue until you see the Yeshiva building on your right. Turn right up to the Yishuv and the Yeshiva will be the first building on your right.

Public transit:

It is possible to travel from the north and from the south safely by protected busses.

From the north:

440 – Yerushalayim to Be’er Sheva (stopping in the Gush, Kiryat Arba, Beit Chaggai and Otniel)

254- Kiryat arba to Be’er Sheva (stopping in Beit Chaggai and Otniel)

From the south:

440 – Be’er Sheva to Yerushalayim (stopping in Otniel, Beit Chaggai, the Gush and in Kiryat Arba)

254- Be’er Sheva to Kiryat arba (stopping in Otniel and Beit Chaggai)

For additional help feel free to contact the yeshiva.

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