Be, Become, Bless

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הוסף לסל לסל הקניות

The thirst for spirituality and meaning is a defining characteristic of our times. A societal shift is taking place, one that emphasizes experience, feeling, and imagination. Be, Become, Bless presents a Jewish approach to transforming the way we see and live our lives. In these pages, Rabbi Yakov Nagen uses the weekly parasha as a springboard to converse with both Eastern spirituality and Western thinking, creating a synthesis that unifies “being” and “doing.” Thought-provoking and original, this work draws on wisdom from the Bible, Talmud, Kabbala, as well as philosophy, poetry, literature, music, and film. Rich with stories and insights from the author’s personal journey, Be, Become, Bless seeks to guide its readers to discover their own path to fulfillment.