Minor personalities in the book of bereishit

פרופ' אלחנן מאיר גילוי 25.00
הוסף לסל לסל הקניות

Minor personalities in the book of bereishit
pyschological insights

Elchanan I. Meir

"The minor personalities in the Book of Bereishit: Psychological Insights" translated from the Hebrew, is a study into the behavior of the 'minor personalities' in the narratives and intensify the impression of the definitive qualities of these people. In many instances there may by practical psychological lessons to be learned from these personalities.

In the book toy will find a separate chapter for everyone of the 12 parshiyot in the Book of Bereushit. At the end of each chapter there is a section called 'From a Psychological Viewpoint', wite a discussion about psychological topics relative to the parsha.